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Conversations with Kareen and Todd

We invite you to join our conversations...

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Kareen's Story

Kareen lives in Prince George with her partner and friend. She works as a Counsellor through Repiphany Counselling and Haelan Therapies. Kareen’s life has been filled with so many experiences that have created a flawed and also authentic person. She was born in England, travelled to India for a two month stay when she was seven  and then eventually landed in Canada at the age of eleven.  Many years passed, much growing up occurred and eventually after having two amazing children, Kareen leaned forward into embracing the full idea of integrated healing. Delving into the mind, body, soul and spirit through meditation, workshops, Shamanic retreats, etc… she eventually connected again with Todd.


Todd's Story

Todd resides in Vanderhoof with his wife Grace. Todd has always been a “seeker” striving to learn and understand more. Through Todd’s life, he has had varied and unique experiences. Some of these experiences have taken him into the deep silence of meditation retreats and others to India and to Thailand where he lived a monastic life in the Buddhist tradition. Todd wrote a book - "Falling Awake" - a book which captures the idea of change, inner growth, seeking... and also finding.


Our next steps...

Now, Todd and Kareen would like to open the conversations to others who are also seekers, those people who are looking to step into something…. more! We invite you to participate, write back, connect. Every two week we will be posting a new “idea”, “thought” or “question” and write about our musings on it. This is when you can step forward, join in the conversation, challenge yourself and us with new ideas, new perspectives and help create a group of people open and willing to seek for more.

Happy Hiking

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman