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Happy New Year!

As we step into 2021, what does this mean to each of us? I have heard so many people sharing how “horrible” 2020 has been… the challenges faced with the restrictions we all experienced through the lack of choice. Choice regarding contact with others due to Covid-19. Choice around work… for some there were job losses, family deaths due to the virus and an increase in depression and anxiety. We began the year with the Australian wildfires and then interspersed throughout the year were the additional challenges from man-made choices and events. Some driven by ego and some by fear.

What we also were given in 2020 was the ability to “slow down” to reconnect with family, to pare down our lives in a way that most have never experienced. We began to recognize who and what became important in our lives. There were also the changes which occurred with work and with connecting to friends and family not within the “bubble”. The positive changes were that some employer's made working from home accessible to many who never thought that an option before, Zoom connections became “normal”. No matter what happened, all these changes took adjustment, some were definitely more challenging than others, some of the changes were unwanted and uncomfortable and some… perhaps… were welcomed. If we chose we can see this past year as a time to recognize our inner strength, our resiliency and ability to adapt to what life throws at us.

Throughout this past year, there have been many days that I was able to step out on our deck, a cup of steaming coffee in hand, feel the breeze on my face and enjoy the sounds of nature… all because I was home and made the conscious choice to be present with my family, my partner and my life. Where there days that I missed going out without a mask, seeing the smiles on peoples faces in stores, connecting with friends over drinks or food whether at homes or in restaurants? Where there days when I too became lost within the hollow wishes for past or future…. absolutely!! And yet… I know that no matter what happens in this New Year, no matter the restrictions, no matter the losses… I know there will also be joy, love, laughter, successes and above all I know that I will be able to cope with anything that comes my way. I know this because of this past year.

So I ask you; as you find yourself embracing this New Year, what is it that you can take from 2020, what lessons and strengths can you bring forward with you and what do you know about yourself which can aid in creating an amazing 2021?

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